Enforcement Division

The Enforcement  Division consists of 1 Captain, 3 Sergeants, 13 Deputies and 2 Detectives.   Enforcement deputies are responsible for first line law enforcement in the unincorporated areas of Seneca County.  Deputies respond to calls for service, conduct proactive patrol in a beat area, and are responsible for the initial investigation of crimes.

Seneca County encompasses 545 square miles and is the home to approximately 60,000 people.  There are 15 townships that the enforcement division patrols and 6 villages.   The City of Tiffin and half of the City of Fostoria are also in Seneca County.

Shifts are made up of 1 Sergeant and 4 Deputies.    At times, there are as many as 3 deputies on the road for a shift and as low as 2 deputies working on the road for an eight hour shift.   

The functions of the Enforcement Division result in deputies patrolling over 352,000  miles each year and respond to nearly 14,000 calls for service from residents.  Deputies investigate over 550 accidents and  issue approximately 400 traffic citations a year.

Deputies in this Division routinely assist other Police Departments in Seneca County, as well as state and federal agencies.  Deputies conduct  Operation Life Saver, OVI, and Speed Enforcement programs with funding from state grants and the assistance of the  Ohio State Patrol.

In addition,  deputies execute court issued warrants from all jurisdictions in Seneca County.  Warrants are integrated into local, state, and federal computer systems.  Nearly 300 persons are arrested on warrants each year.  Deputies also serve subpoenas issued from those courts and serve approximately 5,000 papers a year.

Generally, the public's first law enforcement contact is with a deputy,  whether the deputy is responding to a citizen's call for help, locating a lost child, or apprehending a dangerous criminal.

These highly trained men and women of the Enforcement  Division are the first line of defense in the war against crime.  They strive to provide professional, courteous, and courageous law enforcement service to the citizens of Seneca County.

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