The Communications Division is made up of six dispatchers.  The dispatchers are called upon to answer and dispatch calls from citizens to Seneca County Sheriff Deputies. Dispatchers also provide these same services to the following police departments in Seneca County: Attica Police Department, Bloomville Police Department, Republic Police Department, Green Springs Police Department, Bettsville Police Department and New Riegel Police Department.

The dispatchers are also responsible for dispatching 12 EMS squads and as many as 13 fire departments in the county.  Dispatchers also can assist and answer 911 calls placed in the city of Tiffin.

The Communications Division answers an average of 350 emergency 911 calls a month.  Dispatchers are responsible for answering all 911 telephone calls as well as all non-emergency telephone calls that are received by the communications center.  These telephone calls number approximately 200 per day.  Dispatchers dispatch approximately 86 EMS runs, 42 fire calls, 43 accident calls and take around 600 incidents a month.

When calls are received through 911, dispatchers automatically have information on the address, phone number, homeowner's name, and the police, fire, and medical jurisdiction of the residence or business that is calling.  This is the Enhanced 911 System and is helpful in situations where the caller may be unable to talk to the dispatcher.  The communications center is also equipped with TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) capabilities for those who may be in need of it.

Seneca sherfiff dispatch