If you have questions in regards to an inmate, please feel free to contact the jail by phone at: 419-448-5074.

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In May of 1994, Seneca County opened its current facility.  At that time, the facility contained 62 beds.  In February of 2007, the jail was expanded with an additional 60 bed direct supervision unit and a 40 bed dorm style housing unit.

The Corrections Division is the largest division within the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, employing 46 full-time correction officers.  These officers are responsible for operating the jail, registering sex offenders, providing court security at the three Seneca County courts as well as transporting offenders to and from court.

While incarcerated here at the Seneca County jail, the offenders have the opportunity to complete their basic education by obtaining their GED if needed.  There is also opportunity for them to practice their faith.


The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office has a “zero tolerance” policy for inmate sexual assault/abuse and will make every effort to provide all inmates with a safe, humane, and secure environment free from the threat of sexual assault/abuse and staff sexual misconduct/harassment. Incidents or suspicions of sexual abuse, sexual harassment and retaliation can be reported to any staff member verbally or in writing. There will be no retaliation for reporting incident of sexual abuse or harassment. All allegations involving ICE Detainees, will be promptly reported to ICE. All allegations will be promptly referred to a Detective of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office for investigation. Once a report is made, information for the Victim’s Assistance Program will be provided to the inmate/detainee. Family and friends can report allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and retaliation on behalf of an inmate/detainee by calling (419)447-5074, selecting option 1, and speaking with an OIC. Reports may also be given directly to the PSA Compliance Manager (Sgt. Monahan) or a Detective by calling (419)-447-3456.

Inmate Commissary Account

If you would like to put money on an inmate/detainees account, you may do either of the following:

  • Deposit money using the kiosk located in our lobby
  • Create an account with JailATM


Visitation Information

The Seneca County Sheriff's office provides visitation via video.  We have onsite and offsite options available.  Onsite equipment is located in our lobby.  An account with Cidnet will need to be established before a visitation can  be scheduled.  For information on setting up an account, click HERE.  Click on the link below to take you to their site to register.

Cidnet Logo.PNG

Our visitation schedule is: Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday between the hours of 8:30am to 10:30am; 12:30pm to 2:00pm; and 5:30pm to 9:30pm.  Inmates/detainees are permitted one (1) thirty (30) minute visit per available visitation day.